Best 9 Islamic Quotes About Life

Best 9 Islamic Quotes About Life

Best Islamic quotes about life.

Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims and we believe in ALLAH and QURAN Majeed.

Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him at 40 age, there are 114 Surat of Quran Majeed .each and every word of Quran Majeed is gifted for u from Allah.

Today we share the most important and motivational Islamic quotes about life. Which is very helpful about your life. In these quotes we told you how to achieve happens in life and how to contact with ALLAH.

1) I Said ALLAH, “I Hate Life.” He Replied, “Who Asked You To Love Life? Just Love Me And Life Will Be Beautiful.

Life is beautiful only if we follow Islam term and conditions. “When we said to Allah we hate life, “Allah said that” who asked you to love life”? Just love Allah and follow all Islamic path then life becomes beautiful and lovable

2)“If ALLAH Wants To Do Good to Somebody, He Afflicts Him With Trails.


When Allah like someone. Allah takes him to the straight path and connects him with the trails. When he connects to the trails then he made good deeds and follow to the right path that Allah likes.

3)Doctors Can Treat You, But Only ALLAH Can Heal You.

When we fall sick, no one is able to heal us doctors can only treat us but Allah is only one who gave us Shifa and heals our wounds…

4) Take Every Day As A Chance To Become A Better Muslims.

Life is so short and also a beautiful gift from Allah. we should spend each and every day like it would be the last day for us and do good deeds in whole life And become a better Muslim…to get right place in paradise.

5)Have Fear Of ALLAH Wherever You Are.

Always remember that Allah saw us each and every time. When we do misdeeds and made mistakes. We have always the fear of Allah. Allah gave us punishment on the Day of Judgment…

6)The Solution To Every Problem Is In SABAR(Patience) And ISTIGFAR(Seeking Forgiveness)

in Islam the solution of every problem is patience

When we face problems, we do patience and recite istigfaar, because Allah likes those people who do patience. Allah removes our sins through istigfaar And Allah is only one who can help us and take away from problems…..

7)Being a Muslim Is More Than Just Going To The Masjid, ALLAH Wants Your Attention Not Just Your Attendance.

We are Muslims, we offer prayers 5 times a day. Allah wants us to get closer to him, and know himself better. Allah wants our concentration, not our attendance…

8)“Being Muslim Is For All Days Not Just Five Times.”

          As a Muslim, we should always prayers and do good work every time. When we meet our Muslims brothers, first of all, we should say salaam- u- Alaikum. So we should do create a great and peaceful environment and take care of neighbor which likes our prophet.

9)“The World Is Not The Resting Place It Is a Testing Place”

As a Muslims, we trust that this world does not always exist, one day we are die and anyone does not exist here. Now testing time of our good and bad work. This world is not a resting place we should always do great work.

Hope you guys enjoy these quotes after reading and I hope you will be done as like as, In Shah Allah. I will update this post and you can share good quotes from the Quran that is inspired you and others.

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