Parents; The true blessing of Almighty

Parents; The true blessing of Almighty


According to Quran “ Be grateful to those who bore you and to the One who created you ”

God has so many blessings our me; but if I prioritize them parents come to the first place in my list. Parents have no substitute in this world. Their love is unconditional. They gave us love from the very first day. Their thoughts are always in my best interest. If I have to summarize my whole life in one word, that word would be the “ Parents ” who make my life meaningful.

               My parents; My world


I have no words to give an attribute to my mother. I just want to say that my mother is my role model. She is the best woman I have ever seen.  She is so important in my life that even my word in this world was  “Maa ”. She teaches me so many lessons for life. Her kindness and truthfulness are the main lessons for me. Her prays always leads me towards success and I feel it like a source of protection. I always know that my mother prays are with me that gives me the confidence to perform better.

My paradise my Mother


My father is a source of inspiration for me. My father is the shadow under which I grow up. He always supported me in every difficult phase of life. He provided me with every facility of life. He always helped me to set the right direction in my life. He has 100% contribution in making me a better human. I always tried to copy him in my life because I. know he is the best.

“Hold dear to your parents for it is a scary and confusing world without them”

Emily Dickinson

To conclude; I want to say that I am the representative of my parents. I always want to be the reason for their smile. My ambition is to support them in their old age as they grow me up in my childhood. I want to be a better son of my parents that they can be proud of me. Thanks, Ammi and Abu for doing so much for me and for being always on my side every time I need you.

Farhan Shoukat

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